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8 Responses to “Review”

  1. Sylvie et Lili said

    Ce fut un super voyage en novembre 2009.
    J’avais surnommé Anil “MAMAN” car il prend bien soin de ses “clients” qui ont vite fait de devenir des amis.
    Nous avons eu plein de fous rires. Et il était toujours là au moindre stress (genre le temple des rats où il nous a accompagné en voyant notre “malaise”…
    De plus, ce que nous avons super apprécié, c’est qu’il nous arrêtait sur le bord de la route boire un thé dans des endroits vraiment locaux et comme il restait avec nous, nous nous sentions super en sécurité et nous n’étions pas harcelées par les mendiants.
    Je pense que sans lui, nous serions passées à côté de plein de choses.
    Bref, c’est vraiment LE moyen de voyager en Inde sans se prendre la tête, en toute sécurité et avec un ami qui connaît parfaitement la région.

    Sylvie et Lili,

    Ile d’Oléron, France

  2. Cesar Y Noelia said

    Hi Anil.
    We traveled in August 2009 with Anil, on arrival at the airport at 3 am, among dozens of Hindus everywhere sleeping on a sidewalk outside a car etc. .. Anil greets us, a man who put it in your hands within 28 days in India, something is intrigued about how this character, quickly makes us feel comfortable and reassuring us with his nobility and simplicity, the next day begins the great adventure, which at the end of the trip is unimaginable and enriching the moments lived with Anil.
    A trip to your side is a constant learning and not just India that is beautiful to him, but especially of life, has that point bohemian rich and valuable knowledge that makes them unobtrusive and humble that make you special the journey of about a month short with Anil made us, took us to incredible places and the Indian deep, we live in incredible situations and had a great time laughing and often jokes that Anil was the main accomplice is a real adventure alongside Anil, is a guy who leaves a good feeling at all times with their good touch, know and express what you gently from time to time required, as stated above the girl is a friend, a guide , a father, a protector, a colleague, a person’s incredible that we should learn a lot.
    I think that giving advice to know the Indian with a cornerstone (Anil) is over, with the impression he has given us, I have a friend in India, no doubt ..

    In short .. Incredible Real India and Anil.

    Cesar and Noelia.

    Tenerife, Canary Islands

    • Angel said

      César y Noelia: Nos ha gustado mucho vuestro comentario sobre la India y Anil y, como tenemos intención de ir a la India en el mes de agosto, os agradeceríamos nos facilitárais cuanta información os parezca importante de vuestro viaje (vuelos, hoteles, visitas…, vamos ¡casi ná!).
      Recibid las gracias por adelantado de unos peninsulares, de Cáceres.
      Ángel y Marisol.

  3. Bill And Cindy said

    Anil was our driver and guide for our two-week trip through Rajasthan in April of 2009. His knowledge of his country is extraordinary. He gets to know his clientele – their tastes and preferences – and caters to their needs. You will definitely have an all-encompassing Indian experience that is memorable, enriching and safe. I highly recommend the services of Anil, our driver, guide and now friend.

  4. Cesar y Leire said

    How live a true Indian Experience!!

    We are a spanish couple that were travelling 3 weeks around Rajastan, in India, last september 2009. We only can say marvellous things about that place. If you really want to enjoyed and live a true indian experience, checking their customs, religion, culture, food, folks, views, cities and indian people we recommend you choose a good local driver that show you that unforgettable country.

    We enjoyed an excellent experience with Anil (our local driver for the 3 weeks) he showed us Indian not as a “guiri” but as a local guest.

    He is a great guy always concerning and taking care about their guests, offering the best service, teaching you things about India, in addition, making feel you very comfortable anytime having in him a new friend.

  5. Isa said

    My friend ANIL,

    I was travelling with Anil several times in the northern parts of India (Uttarakand/Himachal Pradesh) and RAJASTHAN. It was always professional guiding, safe driving with ANIL…and he is always most respectfull and friendly, FUNNY and he has a BIG heart!!! We had always good time together in mountains (Josimath area/Badrinath/Kedernath – Uttarakand/Garwhal). I wish you all the best for your new buissness. I am glad to see you mid of march, travelling together for nearly three month! … or more! See you soon Anil, all the best! ISA

  6. Jose y Monika said

    We travelled with Anil twice. First 2007 November and 2009 March. And we will travel again next 2010 March. First time, we was a little scared because we readed many things on Internet. But just one day. We realized very fast that Anil is a very good driver, great guide and a very funny person, that show you all about India and change the tour as you need. Sometimes like a father, sometimes like a friend and sometimes he go away to you can enjoy yourself.
    Thanks you Anil, We wish the best.

    This is our email for any questions:

  7. Lydia & Robert said


    We come frequently to India and learned that Anil is a very warm and heartfull person. Furthermore which is at least equally important in the busy streets of India he is a good, carefull and safe driver. He seems to know every single stone (and pothole) in the country and is a very knowledgeable guy. We drove with him (in serveral journeys) from Dehli to Rajastan, but as far as Varanassi and had always a great time with him. We really can recommend him and wish him the best for his business. See you next time, Namaste!

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